MIDORI existing building, Kreuzlingen

Ecocell revitalisiert Bestands-Immobilien

Room in room – MIDORI concept

At the old MIGROS shopping centre by the Emmishof border crossing in Kreuzlingen, ECOCELL CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS will be used in quantity for the first time.

The old Migros space covers a useable area of 5,400 m2 over three floors. The upper floor will be gutted and fitted with autonomous residential/office modules built from ECOCELL ELEMENTS starting at 26 m2 of useable area. The flexible modules with their minimal need for space will be equipped with a kitchenette, washing machine and bathroom and have a Japanese design. The ECOCELL PARTITION WALL SYSTEM offers the necessary flexibility.

The first show box has already been built by ECOCELL.

ECOCELL Raum in Raum Konzept MIDORI

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