Vision der neuen Lebens- und Arbeitsstadt “Vision Hill”

Hill town

The vision of the new residential and commercial town “Vision Hill” by Erich Chiavi shows what a sustainable future world could look like. The first hill town demonstrates innovative and sustainable forms of construction and living and connects the living and working spaces through short routes. The step-like design means that all residents have a view and enough sunlight. Apartments are planned for all needs and phases of life. The project puts an end to urban sprawl, creates space for communal living and relieves the environment.

The facade and external shell of the houses of such a hill town consist for example of a transparent heat insulation combined with photovoltaics, such as that offered by the ECO Solar modular houses. The newly developed composite material Ecocell® could be used. Because the production facilities for the new construction material are also located under the hill town, the material is manufactured directly in the town. The town thus grows out of itself.

„the world is in need for some crazy people“

Interview with Erich Chiavi