ECOCELL solves global problems – Social problem of affordable housing

affordable housing

ECOCELL produces the HONEYCOMB COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION BOARDS in very few standard-sizes, so it can be produced in series on an assembly line with millimetre precision.

The individual wall, floor or roofing components, but also delivered parts such as windows and doors, come with standard locking pins. By simply locking together various components, one can build complete, almost fully operational buildings in just a few hours.

Since ECOCELL moves as much as possible of the work from the construction site into the factory, inefficient work at the construction site gets minimized, countering the increasing problem of a lack of qualified tradesmen and skilled workers. The new building concept enables serial manufacturing of standardised components and separates manufacture from the design and the building. ECOCELL can thus contribute significantly to affordable housing.

With industrial manufacturing, depending on country and location, the construction costs can be reduced by up to 30-40% with the ECOCELL FAST CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM compared to traditional solid construction methods.


Searching for building plots or approved projects:

ECOCELL is constantly looking for adapted plots or already approved projects for sale or in leasehold to build additional ECO Solar houses.

These plots may also be in rural areas, but they should be big enough to erect at least six residential units (one-family homes or terraced houses) (1,500-5,000 m2 depending on utilisation).

Plots in leasehold

ECO Solar houses can also be built in leasehold. In this way, citizens’ communities in particular can ensure that resident citizens can afford a plot for an adapted house despite the high price of construction land, barring the way to speculation on construction land.